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The most important calls and seminars on the occasion of World Day to literacy word Ms Chairperson of the Assembly of Mercy charitable kindergarten Beginning of the message light from the Lord of Glory to the Holy Messenger to communicate slaves were said to prayer, fasting, almsgiving and the certificate prior to all hypotheses, because reading is the light that fills the heart with faith and reason to think and ponder and without science there is no value to humans in this life and there is great difference between those who follow the Prophet great and learn how to read and pondered the religion of Allah religion and remained on Gueye company and stubborn and there is a penalty and reward, and the Commission and the fire; Paradise for those who learn the science of science and a rock for the benefit and interest, including benefits for the human and humanitarian manner of good and peace and fire to a fool who had the opportunity to learn and read and unfortunately not exploited for the betterment of himself and inform