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CV Howaida Salem
Howaida Salem Law Office

  • Howida Mostafa Salem
  • Place of Birth: Village Kindergarten - Center Sanblawin - Dakahlia province.
  • Education: Bachelor of Law.
  • Professional work: Lawyer.  
  • Other activities:
  • Member of the National Council of Arab culture
  • Member of the arbitrator in international disputes
  • Member of International Association of Lawyers USA.
  • Rapporteur of the Committee on Women and Child African Lawyers Union.
  • Member of the Union of Arab Lawyers, a member of the Council of the Arab Organization for young lawyers
  • Vice President of the lawyer and rights advocate Mediterranean
  • Founding member of the legal union of Sahel-Saharan States
  • A founding member of the Federation of NGOs
  • Chairman of the Board of the Association of Women and the Law in Cairo
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mercy charitable kindergarten center Sanblawin Dakahlia province participated in many international conferences and the Arab and helped to participate in the events doing the holding of training courses for Palestinian lawyers under the title ((monitoring and documenting Israeli war crimes)) in which lawyers from more than twenty Arab countries under the the auspices of Mr. / Amr Moussa the Secretary General of the League of Arab States
  • Participated in a conference on the legal protection of the effects of Arab participation of more than twenty-five Arab countries under the auspices of Mr. Amre Moussa, Secretary General of the League of Arab States and the great archaeological Mr. / Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.
  •  Chaired the conference on the Palestinian issue and the Iraqi issue under the title ((Iraq - Palestine; people looking for their rights in international law)), in which many lawyers and speakers from Arab and European countries like Italy, Germany, France and England.
  • Participated in the Egyptian delegation to the victims of Darfur against